Whenever India anchors speak as a military experts then it seems you they some personal problems with Pakistan as a nation. Pakistan is 20 times smaller than india but the fear which India has for Pakistan is more than the fear of Osama bin laden in USA.

Secondly, i don’t know what are your definition of capability but Pakistan build nukes is enough to say their capability.

USA was not capable to defeat Taliban militarily and it was Pakistan who gave USA safe passage to go back and withdraw from USA. This same Pakistan made same for USSR as well when USA was Pakistan ally. Remember, Pakistan faced the worst kind of terrorism from CIA and RAW nexus through Afghanistan and India but now check who is on the front and victorious?

In last year Pakistan defeated India in Arial battle and if you just take neutral and independent stance then atleast Pakistan shot their one plane and captured one pilot and the same day they puzzled IAF and they shot their own helicopter carrying 12 officers. Now tell me who is capable ? IF we should have lied then we should also have taken claim of their helicopter incidence but we din’t because we don’t want to win elections on India-Pak hatred but on the other hand hatred against Pakistan is the only way to win election. Indian fear of Pakistan is enough to show Pakistan capability. We will never use nuke on india but in conventional war we can defeat india as well because they have fake bravery on social media and not in battle. India already interfered in our inner politics and in 1971 they ruined the trust and att hat time Pakistan was not a nuclear state.now it’s Pakistan turn to divide India into pieces.Sooner or latter it will happen. Pakistan was also born from India and few more “Pakistan” should made. Hindu and Muslims are two separate nations and have separate identity and they can’t live together.Now this is also proved and now Indian Muslims understood that they can’t co exist. Division of India is the best solution to achieve peace in their region and then they can make a union like European union to rule the rest of the world.

Here is the TIMES article which is based on US recounts of F-16 and it was a great reply from indepndednt experts or altleast USA now take side of India because India already bow down to USA and again and again remind them of “we are for sale”.

As far as USA , we are enemy and friend as well. We need USA to feed our Army and at the same time we also give tit for tat to our so called US as a friend. This is the beauty of Pakistan that we keep USA as a friend and enemy at a time. We were the people who give tough time to US and made them “in capable” to win war against Taliban who are the real force in Afghanistan. India,USA and NATO nexus is failed and now it’s understood that Taliban will soon install their government and Dr Ashraf and Abdullah abdullah puppet of US,India no more.

There can be many other things that can be mentioned here but we don’t want to play with your fake emotions which are either fake or whatever.

Alex outhwaite

I visited Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. It’s an incredible place, the largest mine in Pakistan and the second largest salt mine in the world. Inside there’s a salt mosque, a recovery salt hospital and some beautiful monuments!

Alex Outhwaite

Khewra is the second largest mine in the world and famous for Himalyan lamps and other decoration material made up of Himalayan salt.

Islamabad is the federal capital of Pakistan. It is said to be the most beautiful city of the country as it is diverse in natural scenic beauty along with planned infrastructure. If you are thinking about a domestic recreational trip, then Islamabad is the prudent choice. From mountains to lakes and shopping malls to amazing restaurants, this city is an epitome of metropolitan diversity that is nestled on a geographically rich land. Its weather is amazing most of the year and its features are worth exploring. Also, it has been ranked as a favorite tourist destination for foreigners. One must not miss out the opportunity to visit this calm city that has a lot to offer.

Hence, a five days recreational trip would be an ideal deal to explore most of its places in 25k budget. Listed below are the places according to days’ map that cover almost all aspects of a mind- blowing trip to Islamabad:

Day 1:

  1. Faisal Mosque: Who does not know about this holiest place of Pakistan? Though merely knowing is different than actually witnessing. This mosque is an epitome of architectural excellence with a scenic Margalla hill panoramic view. Islamabad’s trip without seeing this white beauty is incomplete. One can spend whole day in this mosque and cannot stop being amazed at its beauty.
  2. Saidpur Village: Visiting Saidpur is like having a pure rural experience. It gives a glimpse of old Islamabad before it actually came into being. There are regional restaurants with traditional cuisines of Pakistan. Traditional folk music can also be enjoyed in Saidpur village.

Day 2 and 3:

3. Daman-e-koh: Daman-e-Koh is one of the most beautiful scenic places in Islamabad. It is situated on green mountains with perfectly mind- blowing views that one can never forget. It provides whole city panoramic view and a picture perfect for sunrise and sunset views.

4.Shakarparian and Pakistan Monument: Pakistan monument is situated in Shakrparian park. It is an architectural masterpiece that is always crowded by tourists. Also, Shakarparian park like many other parks in Islamabad is a beautiful place with top mountain view.

5. Heritage Museum (Lok Virsa): This museum is worth visiting as it has epitomized Pakistan’s culture in its showcases in immensely beautiful manner. One can see whole of Pakistan through this museum. The outdoor environment of this museum also gives a feel of pure traditional culture of the country.

6. Natural History Museum: This museum is famous for its unique significance. It is a home to extinct stuffed animals and plants. Also, it contains galleries of prehistoric species, rocks and minerals. This museum is also a highly recommended place for children’s education and fun at the same time.

Day 4:

7. Hiking Tour on Margalla Hills: Hiking while on a trip is a healthy adventure. There are several trails in Islamabad where individuals and groups of people go and hike. It is the best way to be closed with nature. The best time to start hike is the early morning. This may require a whole day as trails are usually long and nearly consume most of the daytime.

8. Monal: How about a platter or Bar B.Q. on top of the city with amazing hill view? Monal serves the purpose of a great restaurant in Islamabad where one can enjoy memorable time with friends and family. It is no less than a dream venue with amazing weather, view and food.

Day 5:

9. Lake View Park: Lake View Park is also known as Rawal Lake Park. This is one of the best tourist spots in Islamabad. Visiting this touristy place with lake view can be a whole day fun and a refreshing experience for families and friends. The park has to offer amazing boating and fishing opportunities. Also, it has a wide campground area for picnics. Moreover, Train rides, swimming pools, dodging car, motorsports and other adventure are also available here. You can also enjoy Bar B.Q. as open grills are installed everywhere.

10. Centaurus Shopping Mall: Shopping at the end of the trip is a refreshing idea. And it is even more fun when done in the biggest mall of a city. Centaurus is the famous shopping mall that is not only famous in Islamabad but also in entire Pakistan. It has a lot to offer under one roof for instance: famous brands, regional and international restaurants, cinema, spa and much more. This mall gives an international experience to all its visitors.

This 5 days’ trip to the capital city in 25k is economically cost- effective. It covers the following deals in one package:

  • 4 nights stay at a 3 star hotel
  • 2 meals a day
  • Transport
  • Entry tickets
  • Monal restaurant platter bills
  • Professional guide
  • Group photos
  • Free gifts at the end of the trip

Free Firing between robbers and Police take 2 innocent lives on the spot while 3 are still critically injured and admitted in Shifa International Hospital ISB. One of them was the third year student of GCT Rawalpindi TRVTA as below picture.

All injured and died were on their way to home from I 8 markaz. Passerby says police firing is the cause of deaths that shows their lack of professional training while dealing with such robbery incidence.

May Allah SWT grant them Wellness soon and Bless them who Died…🤲🤲🤲 — feeling sad.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and one of the most attractive tourist spot of the world. Green mountains are the one of the natural beauties of the nature that make Islamabad one of the wonderful spot of the world with many green plants and flowers.

If you ever plan to come to Islamabad then you can consider the following places to visit that you can visit in one week or even one day if you just want a quick glance on it.

Islamabad capital city

Following are the places that you can visit in one day and if you hire our tourist van then we can show you all the follwing places in one day and for just 30,000 Rs (approximately ($250 ):

  • Pakistan Monument Shakarparian
  • Faisal Mosque
  • Kachnar Park
  • Jasmine Gardens
  • Fatima Jinnah Park
  • Margalla Hills Trails
  • Islamabad Zoo
  • Shah Allah Dita
  • Pir Sohawa Top in Margalla Hills